We’ve entered the next phase of technology and it is this:

Turning Bits into Atoms

What? Let me explain. Bits describe digital things, and software, is made up of many bits. Atoms make up physical things which we can touch and feel.

For the first 25 years of the internet we did this: We took the physical, and made it digital. We took a newspaper and put it online. We took a CD and created MP3s. We took BlockBuster and invented Netflix. We literally turned Atoms, into Bits.

Now we start to go in the opposite direction as well. We will take information and create physical things. Artificial Intelligence is becoming so powerful, we can now build a physical world from mere information. We can brew meat, we can build a mind, and even humanoid robots.

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With my new Startup – Macro3D I will be turning bits into atoms. (I practice what I preach). I will be printing houses. The image above is our first robot we’ve built – who we call ‘Arti‘. Arti will soon be printing low cost houses, and using materials (designed with AI) which are far better for the environment. Our goal is to assist with the housing crisis by providing financially and environmentally sustainable living. We are currently looking for investors for anyone who want to be help invent a better future. I firmly believe we we build a multi billion dollar company. Here’s what we can already do:


While much of the focus has been about AI (like ChatGPT) spitting out information, I’m more excited about AI helping us invent new energy systems, secure our food bowl and build our structures.

The future has already arrived, for those brave enough to embrace it.

Keep Thinking,


Original: https://stevesammartino.com/2023/02/03/converting-bits-to-atoms/