We have created a printing software that is specifically designed to simplify the 3D printing process for the user. The software is developed internally and seamlessly integrates with our machines and AdaptivePrintAI technology. This allows for a more efficient and streamlined 3D printing experience. Additionally, the software has been created to enable the user to easily monitor and control the printing process, with the goal of achieving optimal results.


Making 3D Printing Easier

Cloud based

Our cloud-based concrete 3D printing software allows for remote access and control of 3D prints via the internet. You can upload print paths from anywhere, monitor the printing process in real-time and easily share files with team members.

Parametric Design

Our MacroPrint parametric design function allows you to quickly and easily generate and slice print paths for 3D printing. You can choose to use your own preferred parameters or utilize those provided. An easy way to customize the design and generate the print paths for the 3D printing

Robot Agnostic

MacroPrint is compatible with a wide range of printers, including those with ABB, Fanuc, or Kuka robot arms and even custom-built robots. The software can be configured to work seamlessly with each specific machine.

AdaptivePrint AI

Introducing AdaptivePrintAI, our cutting-edge AI technology designed to optimize the concrete 3D printing process. It uses real-time monitoring of variables such as water and pump speed, and automatically adjusts them to ensure the best possible print quality. The algorithm learns from previous print logs stored in a data lake, continuously improving with every print.

AdaptivePrintAI is designed to reduce human intervention, minimizing errors and maximizing efficiency, making it a must-have tool for any concrete 3D printing operation.

Macro3D printer will now come with AdaptivePrintAI as standard.

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