“We provide accessibility to housing by leveraging new technology, principles and processes”

– Macro3D Founders

Our approach is a multi-faceted solution


We created a scalable and easy-to-use 3D printing system for mobile concrete construction, designed with an emphasis on affordability and versatility.


We developed a high-performing material that is both cost-effective and reduces carbon emissions


Our proprietary print software streamlines the 3D printing process, handling all technical aspects for you and making it as easy as possible.


We have developed a course curriculum in Concrete 3D Printer Operations which is delivered by registered training organisations.


With every print we are gaining new insights to help improve our process, guarantee quality and data set for Artificial Intelligence

In 2018, Tom Macrokanis (left), like many others, believed that owning a home would be a distant dream due to the high cost of housing. However, his interest in new and emerging technology led him to discover concrete 3D printing. Seeing an opportunity to bring his own dream of homeownership closer, as well as that of others, he began developing Macro3D’s concrete 3D printing technology and building relationships with industry leaders.

Similarly, Steve Sammartino (right), a leading futurist and entrepreneur, had been exploring the potential of concrete 3D printing in Australia and identified the issue of accessibility to housing which 3D printing could help to relieve.

In 2022, they joined forces under Macro3D and assembled a team of experts to increase accessibility to housing for everyone.

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