Arti – The Mobile Robotic Arm 3D Printer


We have created a robotic arm 3D printer that offers a cost-effective alternative to gantry printers, while still providing the same level of safety and precision. The robots used are accepted by industry and offers the same level of performance at a fraction of the price making it the perfect starting point.

  • On or offsite use
  • Mobile, linear rail or fixed
  • Print modular panels rather than monolithic structure
  • 5m wide by 3m high print area

Mixer & Pump

Using digital technology to mix and pump the concrete, ensuring a precise and efficient process. The system is integrated with our 3D printers, providing a seamless workflow, controlled through our software. Additionally, the system is designed to be low-maintenance and easy to operate, making it a reliable and user-friendly solution for concrete 3D printing projects.

  • Onsite mixing
  • Dry sand not required
  • Mix using artificial intelligence and real-time feedback to adjust the mix
  • Print and mixing has an tamper proof log file to ensure quality

Setup in 30 mins

Simply drive off the trailer, connect to the power and pump and you are ready to print. No cranes or forklifts required.

Built in Safety System

Collision detection and emergency stops to Australian Standards.

Pump Synchronisation

Through MacroPrint the robot and pump can monitor each other and adjust as required for a perfect print.

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